Managing a team at 23 - Both the human and operational aspects

Starting as a part-timer, Haziq Zaperi was working at one of our experience stores located at City Square mall in 2016.

As a Customer service advisor, he arranged exchanges and refunds from our users. As a part-timer, he learned vital customer service skills and he learned how to manage difficult situations on the spot as he needs to think on the spot and decide the best solution for our users. As our motto is Satisfied or satisfied, it is important to be equipped with customer service skills.

After 1 year and a half, he then enlisted. After 2 years, he soon realized that his values overlap Decathlon's values which are vitality, responsibility, authenticity, and generosity. Once he ORD, he then applied as a full-timer at Decathlon Bedok and starts two weeks after that. Back into action, Haziq then quickly equipped himself with all the training he needs to go through and he then had the opportunity to become duty manager for the store after 4 months. 2 months after that, he was appointed as the Welcome Desk leader. At the age of 23, he was managing humans and managing the operational side of his team. He was optimistic as he had the autonomy in his department in deciding things and ensuring the satisfaction of the store.

In 2022, he was appointed as the department manager of the watersports team. Having his own layout and his mature team to manage. With his plans in being an Operation Leader in Decathlon, he picked up operations for his side mission and worked closely together with his store operation leader. Playing an important role in goods flow in the store, Haziq finds joy in his day-to-day duty. To many more years in this amazing journey in Decathlon Singapore.

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